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High Performance, Affordable Accessories for
Pinewood Derby, Hot Wheels, Soapbox Derby, and other racing formats.



Jewkes ESS Upgrades allow computer and light tree compatiblity.

Manual Gates

Split Gate Racing

Hot Wheel Gates

Light Trees

Turbogates for

Note to Microwizard FastTrack Owners




START your RACE by REMOTE CONTROL!  We offer two types of remote start gates: Latching, and Full Motion.


  Latching Gates are spring loaded and configured so that they want to open. After the cars are released, you must manually reset the gate to the closed position. This design uses a Linear Solenoid to trip a latch.   Full Motion Gates are a more elegant solution. This gate wants to close. A Rotary Solenoid moves the gate to the open position. When power is removed, the gate resets itself to the closed position, ready to load the cars for the next race.
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Full Motion

For BestTrack

Model GLB $139
Model GRB $199

For Microwizard

Model GLM $139
Model GRM $209

For Plywood
and Plastic

Model GLW $139
Model GRW $199

Caution: All remote control gates are designed to be activated only for a few seconds to release cars. They are not designed for, and will be damaged by continuous activation, which will result in overheating. See Terms of Sale

ACTIVATING THE REMOTE GATE  All of our Remote Gates may be activated in three different ways. Each method is sold separately.
Pushbutton Switches   $19 to $36
Light Tree Model LT3   $50
Model LT4 from $129
Serial Control Interface, Model SCI  $39

See our Light Tree and Remote Start Gate in action!


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