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Remove Friction



Turbogates for





The GRB is a full-motion mechanism specifically designed for the BestTrack Pinewood Derby track. It operates by remote control to start your race with nobody near the track. The GRB mounts with a pair of 1/4"-20 bolts (included), using the same captive bolt system as the rest of the track construction. The electronics portion of the integrated unit is contained within the cavity of the track.

The actuating component is a powerful rotary solenoid which pulls the BestTrack's gate open by a brass pull rod. You must drill a small hole in the peg bar to attach the pull rod. Diameter 3/32", located so that the pull rod loops within the bolt channel.

With the GRB, you will be removing the gate handle assembly that came with your track, and setting it aside. It is not used with the GRB.

The GRB system is a balancing act between the cars trying to open the gate by their own weight, and the gate springs keeping the pegs upright in front of the car. When power is applied, the GRB overcomes the balance and release the cars. After power ceases, the gate returns closed by the gate's spring(s).

The springs of the BestTrack are normally used to make the gate "want" to open. The are normally attached between the gate corners, and a bolt-nut to a point uphill. However, with the GRB, you will be reversing the springs, connecting them between the gate, and a point DOWNHILL instead. Now, the gate "wants" to stay closed.

Adjust your spring tension for the minimum to get the job done. If you race with some lanes empty, You may need to make minor adjustments to the spring tension. This is easy.

Click HERE for important notes regarding removal of friction from your start gate, and forming of the brass pull rod.


H 3.75", W 3.5", L 2.5"     Weight: 16 ounces

Fully enclosed, double-insulated construction, optical coupling.There is no electrical path from power back to the triggering devices, or computer circuits.

Activator: Ledex Size 5S, Model H-2527-032, starting torque 6.3 inch pounds.

Mounts with 1/4"-20 hardware provided.

GRB: $199

GRB-E: $219 works with the Light Tree LT3-E

Caution: BestTrack Champ Owners.

Protect your GRB from damage. Do not use the Champ LINESETUP2.EXE program.

ACTIVATING THE REMOTE GATE  All of our Remote Gates may be activated in three different ways. Each method is sold separately.
Pushbutton Switches   $19 to $36
Light Tree Model LT3-E   $189
Serial Control Interface, Model SCI  $39

See our Light Tree and Remote Start Gate in action!

For the Unlimited Class Fans, we heard you.

Big Brother

Weighing in at 2 pounds, 10 oz, and generating three times the torque, the GRBB is not needed for 6 lane BestTracks, but could be considered for 8 lane BestTracks and above. Or for unlimited class races where heavy cars are allowed.

It mounts with four bolts, otherwise everything works the same. The heart of the GRBB is the Ledex Size 7S, Model H2809-027 with 17.5 inch pounds of starting torque. The GRBB and GRB are shown at the right for comparison.

See a video of the Big Brother GRBB HERE.

GRBB is in stock at $289.
GRBB-D is in stock at $299

Monster Man

The ultimate in unlimited racing on big tracks. It loafs along operating an 8 lane Pinewood Derby. But when you go unlimited, where sometimes lanes are empty, and other times all lanes have cement blocks on wheels, you want the extra torque so that you don't have to fiddle with spring adjustments. So, you switch to high power, and problem solved!

The heart of Monster Man is a Cliftronics Model R34S263, weighing in at 4 pounds, 14 ounces, and torquing 42 inch pounds. And it does it quietly.

Monster Man is in stock at $459.
Monster Man-D is in stock at $469

Family Portrait. The GRB is flanked by the Monster Man and the Big Brother. All are constructed to meed IEC and US standards for safety.

All feature optical coupling. There is no electrical path between the power circuit and the control circuit. Only a beam of light. The same principle as how your finish line detects a car.

All are compatible with our Light Trees and computer activation for the ultimate in hands-free racing.