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Our Light Tree


ESS Modification
for LT3 use


Light Tree LT3








Light Tree LT4


Mounting to:

Wood tracks


Start Gates


Split Start Gates





Part of our Split Gate Systems


Totally compatible with the BestTrack Convertible Split Start Gate


Totally equivalent to the DragMaster


Available NOW!





Ever been to a drag race?  The lights successively drop, allowing the driver to anticipate the optimum instant to pop the clutch.

Dress up your track with our Light Tree.  It gives the feel of a drag strip, and focuses attention on the start of each race. In the Idle Mode, the Light Tree continuously winks red, reminding everyone where it is.

When the cars have been set up behind the start gate, and it is time to go, the racing official triggers the light tree into the Countdown Mode. This is done by any of three different methods: Pushbutton Switch, wireless IR, or your computer under DerbyMaster or GrandPrix software.

Our Light Trees operate all of our Remote-Controlled Start Gate mechanisms, and also the Jewkes ESS mechanism at right

When the tree gets to green, your gate opens, releasing the cars.

Now in its 12th season, the LT3 has been a popular addition to race tracks, especially for operating remote controlled gates.

Mounts on 1" PVC pipe. BestTrack has sufficient strength to mount the LT3 directly to the track itself, and we supply a custom mounting included in the price. See LT3 instructions for more information on mounting

We are having a clearance sale on the LT3 to make room for our new LT4 described below. Was $189. Now just $70.


Power: 3 x AA Alkaline
3 weeks of operation 24/7
Mounts on a 1" PVC pipe
Height:: 13.5" Diameter: 2"
360 degree directionality.

Clearance Price: $70

Much Smaller, Brighter,
but Less Expensive

Only 3.5 ounces

Can be mounted on any track.

Announcing the LT4 Light Tree

Rave review at the 2015 Mid-America Derby.

Don't let the small size fool you. It contains new
5th generation Plasma LEDs for astonishing
brightness and authority.

Runs 24/7 for 2 weeks on three AAA cells.

Operates all 17 of our Start Gate mechanisms.

Operates the Jewkes Engineering ESS with
no modifications. (Order the LT4-ESS)

Mount it high at track top so everyone can see it.

Store in a drawer, or hang on wall like a flyswatter.

4.5 times more intense
than DragMaster.

Easy to mount,
easy to store

Operates all 18 solenoid gate
devices currently on market
including the ESS.

No assembly required.

Tops the Competition

from $129


Power switching for the
is done within the LT4.
The only external difference
is a matching RCA
connector on the PCU.

No modifications
to your ESS.


Here's the
three components:
The Light Tree on 9" mast,
the Mount with clamps, and the
Power Control Unit (PCU).

The placement of the components
under your track is flexible.
We suggest mounting the LT4
at the top of the track so everyone
has a good view.

Start the LT4 Countdown 3 Ways:



32" high,

Cross arms 8" long

10" x 10" inch base plate.

Sits on the Floor

Weighs 6 pounds

Works only with the ESS.

Only $485

The SCI allows you to start the countdown from your computer in Derby software: GrandPrix and DerbyMaster.

Pushbutton Switch
Remote Control
Learn MORE about the LT4

LT4 Pricing

Three options are available with the new LT4 Light Tree. All are independent.

1. Single or double-sided lights to tailor the room coverage.

2. Use with any New Directions start gate, or with ESS start gate

3. Add Split Gate Fault Detection and Display.

This gives a total of 8 independent combinations to customize your LT4 Light Tree to your needs.

Select your Configuration, calculate the price, and order by part number.

Example: LT4-1-ESS-F
LT4 base price
-1 =
-2 =
add $0
add $40
Double-sided doubles the room visibility.
blank for our gates
-ESS for ESS gate
add $0
add $50
No modification
to ESS gate.
blank = standard start
F = fault display split start
add $0
add $70
Split start LT4 also
does standard starts.

Our light tree is rugged. Drop it 6 feet to a concrete floor, it shrugs, laughs, and gets back to work.

Rave Review at OK City: The LT4 was stolen! Endorsements don't get better than that.
Police released this sketch.

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