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Instructions for



Let it run:
The Light Tree will work for a week, 24 hours per day on a new set of batteries. There is no need to remove the batteries during a break for lunch.



This shows attachment of the LT4 to a BestTrack and covers the principles. For mounting to other tracks, see notes below.

1. Insert a pair of 1/4" x 20 x .5 bolts down the bolt slots and install the "T" Mount on a side lane of your choice. We suggest mounting the Light Tree above the start gate for maximum visibility to your audience.

Tighten only slightly so that the mount can be rotated.

2. Mount your Power and Control Unit (PCU) nearby. It can be mounted on the edge lane as shown or anywhere else within cable range. Load with three AAA alkaline batteries.

Note: Until Light tree is attached, there is no battery drain. However don't store batteries for long time periods in the PCU.

3. Drop the cord through the "T" Mount and insert the Light Tree mast into the T fitting. The Light tree weighs only ounces, and the friction fit is adequate for stability.

4. Plug the Light Tree Cable into the PCU. After the track is in the normal position, rotate the light tree to true vertical, and tighten the clamps. Neaten up the slack in all cables.

Orient the Light Tree so that the light shines toward your audience. The effective beam width is 150 degrees. The LT4 is also available in double-sided version for even more room coverage.

5. The SCI and Solenoid connections are indicated on the label. The SCI connection initiates the countdown. It can be either the SCI for computer initiation, or a pushbutton switch, model PB2 for manual initiation. The Solenoid connection activates any of our start gates.

In the case of the LT4-ESS, the connecting cable is included.

6. You can always initiate the countdown of any of our light trees with your TV remote control ... good for a quick test.

7. If you do not like the looks ot the ink markings on the PVC fitting, they can be easily removed by dragging a new single edge razor lightly across them.

Mounting to Other Tracks

The "C" Clamps need to be reasonably tight so the the "T" Mount does not readily rotate. While the BestTrack makes everything easy, other tracks require a bit of thought. First, lay out all your component locations carefully, expecially if you are using a remote control start gate. Be certain everything fits before drilling any holes.

Wood Tracks

Typical wood tracks have a deck of plywood about 1/2" thick. A short self-tapping wood screw may work a few times, However, over many setups, the wood tends to get weak, and eventually fails.

Two better solutions:

1. A steel threaded tapping insert is designed for this exact situation, and readily available in a number of styles.

Inserts are usually installed with an Allen Wrench. Insert it from the top side of your track to get the full strength. Avoid "T" Nuts that you bang in with a hammer, as these make an unsightly job.

2. Use screws and nuts. Drill all the way through the track, and choose the appropriate screw length. Avoid locating the holes on the track's running surface. Locate your screw holes accurately on the track guide centers for good workmanship appearance. Countersink the holes, and choose flathead screws. The clamps accept #10 screws, but can easily be drilled out for 1/4" screws. At the time of your order, let us know about your track details, and we can supply appropriate hardware.

When locating the holes for the "C" clamps, first snap in the "T" Mount, which will expand the clamp slightly. The correct hole center distance is 1 and 15/16".

Microwizard Freedom Track

For the aluminum Microwizard Freedom track, the "T" mount is held by only one "C" Clamp with either #10 or 1/4" -20 screws (your choice) passed through the track. The geometry of the track and the stiffness of the mount makes this a solid solution.

We supply the battery case and the Control Unit wired together. They have double-sided 3M foam tape already installed on the bottom sides. Simply peel off the wax paper, and press in place on the top cross member as shown. Nothing is faster to set up than the Microwizard version.

Plastic Tracks

SuperTrack and DerbyMagic are two popular plastic tracks. The material is fairly light weight, and we don't recommend using screws to mount the LT4. Instead, we offer an aluminum plate with four studs which hold the "C" Clamps with nylon filled nuts. Sold separately, $24

The assembly is permanently attached to the track bottom using VHB (very high bonding) double sided tape. This is what the DerbyMagic attachment looks like. A similar solution is available for the SuperTimer track.

For mounting the PCU to either track's bottom, just use widely available 3M double-sided foam tape. We recommend removal of the PCU after your derby to avoid damage.