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Light Tree Model

Split Gate Operation for True Drag Racing

Functionally Equivalent
to DragMaster


Works with our line of split start gates.


A perfect companion for the BestTrack Convertible Split Start Gate.


See the installation on the BestTrack Split Start Gate.


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The LT4F is different. It does not just RELEASE the cars, it provides the cue for the driver to hit the gas. Just like a real drag strip.

The LT4F brings another dimension into Pinewood and other racing formats. The F stands for "Fault" and refers to the red lights beneath the normal LT4 light tree.

Most racing gives a fair equal start to each of the cars, so it's only the performance of the car that counts. In True Drag Racing, the contestants (or "drivers") open their own gate, either manually or by a magnetic device, being careful not to release before the light tree gets to green.

If a driver goes early, the red light indicates that one or both driver(s) has "jumped the gun."

If you order the LT4-F Split Start, it does not mean you are limited to split start racing. The LT4-F can be used in the usual Pinewood racing to release all cars when the light gets to green. It works all 17 of our start gates, plus it works with the BestTrack ESS start mechanism.

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bright red fault lights for each lane. Every seat in the house is a good one.

A photo of the fault logic display module in a dim room shows off the 3 wide-angle LEDs. One is aimed uphill at the driver, another is aimed downhill, and the third is aimed to the side. The intensity is enough to make the entire enclosure end glow red.
We didn't intend this, but it is cool!


Three independent options are available with the new LT4 Light Tree.

Single or double-sided lights to tailor the room coverage.

Use with any New Directions start gate, or with ESS start gate

Add Split Gate Fault Detection / Display as described here.

This gives a total of 8 independent combinations to customize your LT4 Light Tree to your needs.

Select your Configuration, calculate the price, and order by part number.

Example: LT4-1-ESS-F
LT4 base price
-1 =
-2 =
add $0
add $40
Double-sided doubles the room visibility.
blank for our gates
-ESS for ESS gate
add $0
add $50
No modification
to ESS gate.
blank = standard start
F = fault display split start
add $0
add $70
Split start LT4 also
does standard starts.

An LT4-1-ESS-F at $249 is functionally identical to a Dragmaster at $485