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Finish Lines for
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The Judge
  The Transponder

The Judge is in its 24th season this year.
It is the choice of thousands of Pinewood groups because of its precision timing, ruggedness, reliability, and low cost.


Least Expensive,


Pinewood Derby Finish Line.

The Transponder is the thinking man's finish line.
Letting a big screen be the display means huge savings with this shirt pocket-sized finish line.
Space Derby
  Soapbox and Cubmobile

We convert your BestTrack Space Derby finish line into an electronic system which signals the finish order by lights over each line.

It can also send the finish order and elapsed time to your computer to .0001 second accuracy.

Works outdoors also.

We do finish lines for Soap Box and Cubmobile races, using either pneumatic or infrared technology. Let's talk about your specific requirements.

Other Finish Lines

We have made finish lines for several types of sporting events where contestants are constained to their own lanes. These include track and field, snowmobile, drag racing, Andadura horse racing, and others.

We employ our exclusive Long Range SunMax sensors to detect finish in all lighting and weather conditions. Contact to discuss your needs.

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