Installation of LT3-F Split gate sensors on the BestTrack Convertible Split Gate.®

The mounting of the LT4-F itself is the same as shown for other LT4 models, shown HERE. For true drag racing, you may want to mount it downhill, depending on where the "drivers" are standing.

The BestTrack Split Start gate is sawn in half, including one side of the piano hinge. This leaves each of the two halves of the gate free to operate independently. It is ideal for our Light Tree Model LT4-F, which can detect the opening of each lane separately.

If one (or both) drivers start before the green light, that lane is indicated by the red fault line.

Sensor Assembly. Install it as shown downhill from the gate with one bolt. The second hole is for convenience. "Oh no. I put the bolt down the wrong channel. Now I have to take off the start gate again."

Tighten only slightly for now. You will be moving it later.

Identify the two magnets. They will have a wax paper backing protecting a very powerful double-sided tape.

Peel off the wax paper and apply the items exactly as shown below.

You will have only one chance, so get it right. :)

Mount the magnets 1/16" from the peg screw heads. The uphill edge will firmly touch the vertical arm of the peg bar.

Press in place. Now, bring the Sensor Assembly up hill to 1/8" from the magnets. Tighten the nut, but do not torgue it hard. Just snug.

Insert the plug from the LT4-F into the socket on the Sensor.

Thats it! You are now ready for some Real Drag Racing. Enjoy!

This is really fun.

The LT4-F will also release cars in the normal Pinewood way, i.e. all lanes together.

Connect your stereo cable between the LT4-F "Solenoid" and one of the solenoids. Disable the mechanism on other side of a split gate track.

This gate works with GRB, GLB or ESS

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