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High Performance, Affordable Accessories for
Pinewood Derby, Hot Wheels, Soapbox Derby, and other racing formats.

Instructions for
LT3, LT3-D, LT3-E


Battery Caution:
Use only Alkaline AA.

Let it run:
The Light Tree will work for three weeks, 24 hours per day on a new set of batteries. There is no need to remove the batteries during a break for lunch.

















1. The most important thing, is DON'T DO THIS!

Never grasp the Light Tree by the thin clear plastic dust cover. If you do, you run the risk of bending it inward and damaging the light components. This type of damage is not covered by your warranty.

Handle the Light Tree only by the white plastic parts at the top and bottom.

2. Open the battery compartment.

Hold the bottom of the Light Tree in one hand, and the bottom of the battery compartment in the other hand. Twist in opposite directions.


3. Install three AA Alkaline cells. These will power the Light Tree continuously for three weeks, so don't worry about letting it run all day.

Avoid letting the batteries dangle. Put them in the battery compartment and carefully arrange wires so they are not pinched.

4. Plug in your start gate cable before closing.

5. Mount Light tree on floor stand or other method of choice. It accepts a PVC Schedule 40 1" pipe.

For maximum stability, cement pipe into the bottom of the battery compartment.

Idea 1: A 1" steel pipe flange epoxied to a round concrete stepping stone. The T fitting allows a cable to exit.
Idea 2: A patio umbrella stand. The bottom of the stand is open, allowing the cable to exit out the bottom of the pipe.

.The BestTrack's heavy construction allows direct mounting to the track itself.This mounting system is included for BestTrack customers.

6. Trigger Light Tree into count down using your TV remote control.

The receiver is the black component at the bottom of the dust cover. Turn the tree so it is looking at you.

7. If the battery case seems too tight, twist it in a piece of sandpaper. Test often to avoid going too far.

8. If you don't like the looks of the bar codes and other information on the PVC parts, you can remove them easily. Just drag a new single edge razor blade across the ink.

If you have the BestTrack Mounting Kit , we recommend you cement the long pipe into both the T and the battery compartment. Cementing it makes it more stable.

Home Depot has what you need. Or bring it to the counter at your local Mom and Pop plumbing store. We would do that here, but it creates shipping carton problems when combined with other items.