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Push Button Switches




We offer three different push button switches to operate your start gate equipment. The push buttons may be used to trigger your gate directly, or if you are using our light tree, they may be used to initiate the light tree count down.

The switches are often purchased as a backup method of operating the start gates in the event that there are problems with the computer, or light tree.

Switches are supplied with an 8 foot cable because they are most often used at a computer postion located at the starting line. Other cable lengths available on special order.

All switches look identical from the outside. The difference is what is inside. Here are the three models with the cover removed for clarity.

Model PB1  $19

Use the PB1 on Latching Start Gates, Model GLB, GLM, or GLW which require only the closure of a circuit to operate.

Model PB2  $26

The PB2 contains a Lithium battery and will operate Latching Start Gates Model GLB, GLM, or GLW. They can also be used to start the count down of our Light Trees. The PB2 can activate the Full Motion gates directly, but is not recommended. See the Model PB3 below.

Model PB3  $36

The PB3 contains a Lithium battery and a pulse stretching circuit. This is the recommended model to be used to operate Full Motion Start Gates. The pulse stretcher gives a 2.5 second pulse even if you just momentarily touch the button. The idea is to insure the cars are safely past the pegs so that they will not be thrown off the track if the pegs return too early.