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ESS Upgrades

Make your ESS operate from the LT3 Light Tree.

Start the countdown
by 3 methods



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All New Directions Equipment including this modification is IEEE Compliant.


The ESS by Jewkes Engineering is a popular mechanism for releasing cars on the BestTrack. It employs the same principle as our GLB: a linear solenoid pulls the BestTrack gate handle.

We offer three different modifications to the ESS to give more choices on how it is used.

3104 5 Ampere Control Module

Upgrade A (Provides GLB functionality)

A connector is added to the ESS (red arrow) and our 3104 Control Module is installed inside. The ESS now operates with our SCI, or our LT3-E Light Tree.

With the SCI, the gate opens by a command in your derby management software.

With the Light Tree, the countdown of Light Tree can be triggered two ways: The original pushbutton switch with the long cord, or your IR remote control. Either way, when the Light Tree gets to green, the ESS solenoid opens the gate.

Send in your ESS with $59 including return shipping.


Upgrade B (Provides GLB-E functionality)

Two connectors are added to the ESS and our 3104 Control Module is installed. The ESS will now operate with our LT3-E Light Tree. The countdown can be triggered in three ways: Our PB2 push button switch, your IR remote control, or your computer through the SCI. The original pushbutton switch with the long cord perfoms it's original function, which is to immediately cause the solenoid to open the gate.

Send in your ESS with $74 including return shipping.

Upgrade C (Eliminate the long cable)

Operate your ESS using a TV type remote control. Typical range: 40 feet. The 3104 module and the eliptical filter receiver is installed in the ESS. Your push button switch on the long cable still works as before. We will need to discuss where in the room the operator will be relative to the ESS, so that the receiver can be correctly mounted.

Send in your ESS with $49 including return shipping.


Send only the part shown in the photos.
We do not require the power supply, the long cord
pushbutton switch, or the solenoid plunger.


The ESS is Plug & Play with our NEW LT4 Light Tree

No modification is needed to the ESS to operate with the LT4. The 3104 control module is located completely within this exciting new Light Tree. The ESS retains its old functions, and gains three new ones!

5th Generation Plasma LEDs produce unmatched brillance and authority.

When ordering, specify LT4-ESS. $195 plus S&H The BestTrack mounting kit, and the special ESS cable are included.

ACTIVATING THE ESS GATE       Three different ways.
Pushbutton Switches $19 to $36
Light Tree  from $129
Serial Control Interface  $39

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