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Jewkes ESS Upgrades allow computer and light tree compatiblity.

Instructions for GLB

Improving Performance


Wiring Configurations







The GLB is a latch mechanism specifically designed for the BestTrack Pinewood Derby track. It operates by remote control to start your race with nobody near the track. The GLB mounts with a pair of 1/4"-20 bolts included, using the same captive bolt system as the rest of the track construction. The electronics portion of the unit is protected within the cavity of the track..

The actuating component is a linear solenoid which pulls the BestTrack's gate handle by a brass pull rod. You must drill a small hole in the gate handle (red arrow) to attach the pull rod. Diameter 3/32", 1.25" from the bottom.

After passing the rod through the lever hole, simply position the GLB so the release occurs just as the solenoid plunger is fully engaged.

Attach power and triggering cable(s), and you are ready to race


Weight: 6 ounces, power supply 15.5 ounces

Dimensions H 2.0", W 4.6", L 2.2"

Low voltage power supply included, IEEE compliant
Our power supply poses no danger to The Champ Timer
, regardless of BestTrack's claims to the contrary. But if you are not sure, consider our connector change. It's worthless, but available.

GLB: $139

GLB-E: $149    Order the GLB-E if you are using the LT3-E Light Tree, and wish to start the count down sequence by Computer or Push Button

Caution: BestTrack Champ Owners.

Protect your GLB from damage. Do not use the Champ LINESETUP2.EXE program.

ACTIVATING THE REMOTE GATE  All of our Remote Gates may be activated in three different ways. Each method is sold separately.
Pushbutton Switches $19 to $36
Light Tree  $189
Serial Control Interface, Model SCI  $39

See our Light Tree and Remote Start Gate in action!

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