Warning to BestTrack Champ and Etek Smartline Timer Owners

Avoid Burn Out of your Remote Control Start Gate

This Warning applies to you if . . . (and only if) . . .

You have a New Directions Remote Controlled Start Gate
(any model)


You have a
or an
finish line,

A CHAMP is simply a
repackaged SMARTLINE

You start your races by On-screen icon features of Pinewood Derby Programs


through the
New Directions SCI


You send set up commands to either THE CHAMP or the SMARTLINE through a special utility program called Linesetup, written by ETEK GADGETS

and obtained this program from Etek

or from BestTrack between 2004
February 2014


The Problem:

The computer program, called LINESETUP2.exe used to set up parameters in the above finish lines can burn out your Remote Controlled Start Gate by continuously activating it.

When running, the program holds Serial Pin 4 high for no discernable reason. Pin 4 is used by Light Trees and starting mechansims for remote control of the start of Pinewood races.

4 Ways to Protect Your Remote Controlled Start Gate Investment

1. Check your computer in All Programs to determine if LINESETUP2.exe is installed. If it is, delete it immediately and replace it with SAFESETUP.exe which you may download HERE.

2. Remember that a program's name is only a name. It is what the program does that is important. Smartline continues to distribute the malware version LINESETUP2.exe. BestTrack has recently been distributing a program named LINESETUP4.exe, which they claim cures the problem. However, the situation is still unstable. Test your software with your SCI. If the red light goes on as soon as you start the program, discard that software and obtain SAFESETUP.exe by download HERE.

3. Disconnect the power (or the SCI) from your solenoid or light tree when communicating with your finish line through the Set Up Program.

4. Do not use the Etek Timer Set Up Program at all. Most Champ and Smartline owners never use it. All useful parameters can be adjusted in Derby Management programs.

In any case, pay attention to the RED light on the SCI and the "thump-thump" of your start gate. Do not allow the solenoid to activate continuously. The kids grow up, and as personnel changes in your organization, make sure you pass this information along to those who operate your Pinewood equipment.