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High Performance, Affordable Accessories for
Pinewood Derby, Hot Wheels, Soapbox Derby, and other racing formats.

Terms of Sale

1. By purchasing The Judge or other electronic devices from New Directions, purchaser agrees to be bound by all terms and provisions described herein.

2. Guarantee of Satisfaction: Purchaser shall open the shipping carton immediately and check for damage and completeness of order. Purchaser shall also ascertain the suitability of the equipment for his use. Purchaser has ten days from the postmark on the shipping container to complete this inspection and seek redress, including 100% refund of the product price if not satisfied with the purchase for any reason. This guarantee applies only to Standard products advertised on the website. Any Judge with ET timing, or unusual lane spacing is Custom. Custom-made Judges are generally not 100% refundable unless we made an error in dimensions. Refunds made under the Guarantee of Satisfaction may be subject to restocking fee, or other limitation, if purchaser does not observe all provisions. This guarantee is void in any case where the purchase was made in bad faith, or with misrepresentations intended to deceive or defraud any parties involved in the purchase.

3. New Directions will immediately replace any defective, missing, or wrong parts in your order, using USPS Priority Mail. We will cooperate in using faster shipping service, however such service is at the expense of the customer -- even if we made the mistake. Poor planning does not constitute our emergency.

4. In seeking redress under the Guarantee of Satisfaction, purchaser will call New Directions, 703-319-0840, and obtain an RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization) number.

5. Purchaser shall be diligent in keeping the equipment in pristine condition during the inspection and experimentation phase. Caution: Do NOT screw a Judge down to the track until a decision is made to keep it. Screws will leave marks in the aluminum panels, render the product unfit for re-sale as new, and will adversely affect your rights under the Guarantee of Satisfaction.

6. Purchaser agrees to pack any return shipment well so that it is safe from damage.

7. No product may be returned for refund after it has been used in a derby, even if it is within the ten-day time frame. We are not in business to fund your derby, but we do rent Judges and other products.

8. Any refunds will apply to product price only. Shipping and Handling fees are not refundable.

9. Software is not refundable through New Directions.

10. Software is not supported by New Directions regarding technical issues. We will help you to the best of our ability, but we do not stay current on the various software packages.

11. Purchaser of a Judge having indoor sensors is responsible for assessing the ambient lighting conditions that will be present at the time of his derby, and taking necessary steps to insure proper operation. Purchaser realizes that The Judge will generally not work outdoors during daylight, even in deep shade. Purchaser realizes that windows, skylights, and glass walls can make the indoor ambient light condition essentially outdoors and may affect operation adversely. Purchaser is aware that strong incandescent light (hot filament) may also affect operation. Purchaser is aware that The Judge can be ordered with Sunlight Max sensors at extra cost, which will work in all lighting conditions.

12. Purchaser is responsible for allotting appropriate time to learning the operation of The Judge, and especially the running of a derby under software control. Typical derby management programs are feature-intensive, and simply cannot be mastered overnight. Failure to have a successful derby due to poor planning is not grounds for faulting the equipment or the software.

13. Warranty: New Directions will support your equipment for four years at no cost to you beyond shipping it back to us. We will repair and return it to you by USPS Priority Mail at our expense. Faster shipment options are at purchaser expense. Before concluding that your equipment is defective, please give us a call, 703-319-0840, to discuss. Many times, the problem lies in how it is being used. If you send in equipment for evaluation or repair without prior discussion, and the equipment is determined to be within specification, return shipping expenses will be charged. Warranty is only available to the original purchaser. The following situations are not covered under the warranty: Physical damage, such as broken cables, broken sensors, etc., water damage, use with unapproved power supplies, energizing circuits with incorrect voltage or polarity, evidence of modification or self-repair, or vandalism. New Directions products are designed to work in harmony in the Pinewood environment with products made by other manufacturers. If changes are made by other manufacturers in hardware or software which render New Directions products incompatible, this warranty will no longer apply. Removal from the Judge of end caps or aluminum mounting panels shall be deemed evidence of modification or self-repair. Do not remove aluminum panels for any reason whatsoever if you wish to retain your warranty rights. Warranty is not available to any accounts deemed delinquent for such reasons as unpaid items or unreturned loaned or subtituted items. We will provide non-warranty repair services at $30 per hour plus parts. If we repair your Judge under warranty, your warranty will be extended one year beyond the normal expiration date.

14. Non-Warrany Repairs are Guaranteed for one year from date of return shipment. After the repaired item is shipped, customer must respond in writing (email is OK) that the repair is satisfactory in order that the guaranty take effect. Failure to make this response will void the guaranty and any further recourse.

15. New Directions manufactures and offers mechanisms for remote control of starting gates using solenoids rated only for brief intermittent operation to release the cars. Purchaser understands that solenoids will overheat and be damaged by continual activation, such resulting damage is not covered under warranty regardless of underlying cause. Examples of causes are: failure in computer or other connected equipment, attempting to run races as rapidly as possible e.g. a race every 10 seconds, use of flawed software. Purchaser is aware that a utility computer program called LINESETUP2.exe does activate solenoid continually. See HERE for further information.

16. New Directions markets IEEE Compliant products, meaning 1. we do not field any detachable power supply that produces over 35 volts, and 2. all of our equipment will withstand the application of 35 volts applied to its power input plug without damage.

17. New Directions continually strives to improve its products and reserves the right to introduce such improvements without obligation to retrofit earlier sales.

18. New Directions reserves the right to promote its products by calling attention to previous prominent sales, where mutual exposure would not be harmful to involved parties.

19. New Directions may revise and update these Terms of Sale at any time. Your continued usage of New Directions products after any changes to these Terms of Sale means you accept those changes.

20. New Directions liability is limited any case to the purchase price of the hardware, specifically excluding any shipping fees, and subject to the specific terms as described above. Purchaser holds New Directions harmless for any incidental or consequential damages in the use of The Judge or any other New Directions product.

Created: 4-13-02
Revision: 3-9-14 Solenoid Warranty exclusion of Paragraph 13 separated and expanded, becoming Paragraph 15
Revision: 8-19-15 Paragraph 16 added regarding IEEE compliance of New Directions products.