Application Note

MicroWizard FastTrack Timers and Full Motion Gates

This does not apply to Latching type gates, only Full Motion gates.

MicroWizard timers reset the elapsed time reading to zero if the start gate switch is closed prior to the car crossing the finish line. This can cause a problem if power to the rotary solenoid is ended before the cars finish and you are sensing the gate movement with a microswitch. The green light of the New Directions Light Tree lasts only 3.0 seconds, which is shorter than most races.

If you are using the MicroWizard LazerGate start detection, there is no problem because the start of the race is sensed and latched into the timer.The signal persists until reset by pressing a button on the LazerGate for the next race.

If you intend to use Pinewood Derby software to operate the start gate without the light tree, there is also no problem because you can set the duration of the start signal high enough that all cars will finish before the gate closes.

But if you wish to use our light tree and one of our full motion start gates with your MicroWizard finish line and microswitch start gate, please call to discuss. We have two solutions to this situation.

John at 703-319-0840