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The GLW is a latch mechanism specifically designed for most wood Pinewood Derby tracks. It operates by remote control to start your race with nobody near the track. The GLW mounts with a pair of self-tapping screws included. The electronics portion of the unit is integrated with the actuator device.

The actuating component is a linear solenoid which pulls a steel latch by a brass pull rod. You will mount a steel strike plate on your peg bar, and mount the GLW on your track so that the parts engage.

More detailed instructions on mounting the GLW can be found HERE.


Weight: 6 ounces, power supply 15.5 ounces

Dimensions H 2.0", W 4.6", L 2.2"

Low voltage power supply included, IEEE compliant

GLW: $129

GLW-E: $139    Order the GLW-E if you are using the LT3-E Light Tree, and wish to start the count down sequence by Computer or Push Button

Caution: All remote control gates are designed to be activated only for a few seconds to release cars. They are not designed for, and will be damaged by continuous activation, which will result in overheating. See Terms of Sale

Caution: SmartLine Owners. See advisory HERE.

ACTIVATING THE REMOTE GATE  All of our Remote Gates may be activated in three different ways. Each method is sold separately.
Pushbutton Switches   $19 to $36
Light Tree LT3   $189
Light Tree LT3-E 199
Serial Control Interface, Model SCI  $39

See our Light Tree and Remote Start Gate in action!