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GRM Instructions






The GRM is a full motion mechanism specifically designed for the Freedom Pinewood Derby track made by MicroWizard. It operates by remote control to start your race with nobody near the track. The actuating component is a rotary solenoid which pulls the Freedom's peg bar by a brass pull rod.

The GRM is unique in that it mounts with no fastener devices.The two aluminum rails fit precisely into the contours of the track, and the ends are trapped by the gate and the upper joining bar. It's a beautiful fit for a beautiful track.


Dimensions H 3.3", W 4.6", L 7.0"

Fully enclosed, double-insulated construction, optical coupling.There is no electrical path from power back to the triggering devices, or computer circuits.

Activator: Ledex Size 5S, Model H-2527-032, operating 10% duty cycle, starting torque 6.3 inch pounds

GRM: $199            GRM-E: $209

Caution: All of our remote control gates are designed to be activated only for a few seconds to release cars. They are not designed for, and will be damaged by continuous activation, which will result in overheating. See Terms of Sale

Caution: Smartline Owners. See advisory HERE.

ACTIVATING THE REMOTE GATE  All of our Remote Gates may be activated in three different ways. Each method is sold separately.
Pushbutton Switches   $19 to $36
Light Tree Model LT3   $50
Light Tree Model LT4 from $129
Serial Control Interface, Model SCI  $39

See our Light Tree and Remote Start Gate in action!