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The GRB-L is a full-motion mechanism specifically designed for the BestTrack Pinewood Derby track. It operates by remote control to start your race with nobody near the track. The GRB mounts with a pair of 1/4"-20 bolts (included), using the same captive bolt system as the rest of the track construction. The electronics portion of the integrated unit is contained within the cavity of the track.

The specifications for the GRB-L are the same as the GRB. The only difference is the way it is powered.

The GRB-L has been added to our product line in response to BestTrack's marketing campaign to make you afraid to purchase our remote start gates. This campaign consists of making you, the customer, believe that ....

1 ...your expensive Champ will burn up if any power supply other than the one supplied is accidently plugged in. This is a false claim. The Champ can be powered with anything up to 35 volts without problem, and there has never been an instance of Champ burn-out due to plugging in a wrong power supply. This fib specifically targets our GLB series start gates.

2 .... the Champ's 12 volt power supply is "low voltage," and other voltage is dangerous. But in fact, IEEE and IEC standards consider any power supply up to 35 volts to be low voltage.

3 ... any product that runs on 110 VAC will electrocute anyone near it, especially Cub Scouts and babies. This fib specifically targets our GRB. Our products exceed all applicable electrical manufacturing standards.

These three fibs are designed for only one purpose: To get you, the customer, to pass over our high performance remote control gates and to purchase their 12 Volt ESS remote control gate. Once you do that, you are locked in to their DragMaster if you want to get a light tree. A DragMaster might not be right for you.

BestTrack knows that people not versed in electronics are vulnerable to misinformation which is the basis of their fear campaign. And we understand that folks can have doubts once exposed to such misinformation. Therefore, we specifically engineered the GLB-L ("L" stands for Low Voltage) especially for those that who may still be confused.

The GRB-L is a low-voltage equivalent of our premier GRB
rotary self-resetting gate mechanism.

The Champ power supply on left has 5.5x2.1 plug.
The GRB-L power supply on the right has a 6.3x3.0 plug.
Even if the Champ was vulnerable (it is not) it is
impossible to plug the GRB-L supply into the Champ.

The GRB-L answers all three points of BestTrack's
ill-conceived fear campaign.


H 3.75", W 3.5", L 2.5"     Weight: 16 ounces

Fully enclosed construction. A low voltage 5 amp power UL-approved power supply is included.

Activator: Ledex Size 5S, Model H-2397-023, starting torque 6.3 inch pounds.

Mounts with 1/4"-20 hardware provided.

Resets itself automatically for the next race.

GRB-L: $229

GRB-LE: $239 works with the Light Tree LT3-E

Caution: BestTrack Champ Owners.

Protect your GRB from damage. Do not use the Champ LINESETUP2.EXE program.

ACTIVATING THE REMOTE GATE  All of our Remote Gates may be activated in three different ways. Each method is sold separately.
Pushbutton Switches   $19 to $36
Light Tree Model LT3-E   $179
Serial Control Interface, Model SCI  $39

See our Light Tree and Remote Start Gate in action!