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The Space Derby, while perhaps not as popular as the Pinewood Derby, has a lot going for it. The spaceships travel very fast, however, so attempting to use eyeballs to determine the finishing order is often not practical.

We make a compact finish line for the 4-Lane BestTrack Space Derby track that uses electronics to display accurately and instantly what happened.

Our finish line can also communicate with your computer so that you can run your Space Derby under popular Pinewood Derby software.

Your finish line is a 37 inch aluminum angle bar with six holes. Send it to us, we will make the conversion and return to you complete. When you set up your derby, you will use the hardware supplied by BestTrack.

Compact and inexpensive. Not infrared based: Works indoors or outdoors.

Battery choice: 3xAAA, or single 4LR44.

Prices: Finishing Order only $199.
Computer Option $299.

Computer Option is compatible with DerbyMaster and Grand Prix software.

Each lane has its own sensor, and wide-angle automotive type brakelight LED to show finishing order.

Light Code for Space Derby:  More Light = Faster Spaceship.

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

A bright green LED on the control module, visible from the startline, displays the timer status. A winking green means it is ready.

While our design was engineered specifically for BestTrack, it is highly adaptable to many homemade Space Derby structures. The width, lane spacings, and mounting details of our product can be adjusted to fit your situation. Call us to discuss.


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