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Pinewood Derby, Hot Wheels, Soapbox Derby, and other racing formats.


Grounding Power
Strip for BestTrack

Keeps your track at Zero Potential, prevents charge buildup due to static electricity or equipment defect.

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Light Trees

Start Gates for BestTrack

Split Gate Drag Racing

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6 power plugs on custom aluminum substrate

Length: 10.5 inches, spans 3 lanes

Width: 2.5 inches, Weight: 6 ounces

Built-in Circuit breaker, 3 foot Cord.

15 amp capacity, UL listed

Eliminates static electricity, prevents data corruption, protects equipment.

Use anywhere on track if you have Lift/Leveling Kit.


With the continuing electronic direction of Pinewood, there is a need for some handy electrical outlets for finish lines, start gates, projectors and even to charge your cellphone.

Then there is static electricity. A large chunk of metal isolated on a wooden or linoleum floor can build up considerable electrostatic charge, especially in winter when the humidity is low.

You know how a spark can jump from your finger to the doorknob after walking across the room? Same thing, only the track is a lot bigger than a doorknob, and has a lot more punch. If you plug your grounded computer into other items on a static-charged track, you could damage your circuits.

Hint: During Shocking Season, hold a coin or key to touch the doorknob or car doorlatch. You won't feel a shock.

The GPS solves both needs. Plus, it is a personnel safety device. In the unlikely event of a malfunction in an adaptor or other item were to somehow energize the track with 120 VAC, the GPS would cause the circuit breaker to instantly trip.

The ground connection from the power cord is bonded to the aluminum substrate, and the substrate is connected to the track through the usual nuts and bolts just like everything else is attached to BestTrack. The mounting holes match exactly.

3 Wire Extension Cord

Use a good quality extension cord to connect up with your wall outlet. Make sure you are using an extension cord that has the third round prong (the ground).

Sometimes people have cut this off in order to use with an older outlet. If the ground prong is missing, do not use.

Mount either across the lanes, or along the lanes.

The holes line up either way. Mounts fast with 2 bolts and nuts, like everything else on BestTrack.