The Transponder Electronic Finish Line for Wood and Other Flat-Bottom Pinewood Tracks

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The Transponder

The Thinking Man's Finish Line

... for Wood, Plastic or
flat-bottomed track
Only for advanced groups that project
derby software on wall or
use big screen TVs

What is it?

A full-function finish line, with .0001 second resolution, equivalent to The Champ, The Judge, and other popular finish lines.

When you project your Pinewood software for the room to see, a funny thing happens: Nobody looks at your finish line anymore.

Reason: A finish line display does not tell you who won. It only tells you which lane won. Your audience wants to know if it was Jimmy or Tommy. Names are only on your big screen.

How does it work?

Cars break a beam of light.

The finishing order and elapsed time are transmitted to your computer by cable.

The Transponder is actually our Judge finish line, miniaturized and installed in this tiny enclosure. Because it only works in tandem with a big screen display, computer capability is not an option, it is an integral feature.

Other options are available. It can work outdoors. It can display lane functionality as an aid to setting up the IR source.

We suggest mounting to the track with widely available 3M double sided foam tape.

Use small pieces, peel off the backing, and press the finish line in place.

It is best to remove the Transponder when you are storing the track. After the race, simply rip the transponder off the track bottom. The tape residue cleans off neatly with your fingernail.

Alternatively, we can drill holes along the edges to attach with screws to wood tracks.

Add the Illuminator

You must supply the illuminator. This is usually not a problem.

It's just a single light bulb over the finish line.

Nothing beats a GU-10 halogen.
Flourescent bulbs, (tubes or compact),will not work. Nor will LED. It has to be incandescent (hot filament).

A physically small bulb is better. Clear glass is better than frosted. A small reflector spot is great. A small halogen is ideal. We sell ceramic sockets for the GU-10

What is the difference in the displays when using the Transponder vs. using any other finish line?

Great question!

Here's the displays of the Transponder and DerbyMagic, side by side, using Grand Prix.

There are no differences.
All finish lines send lane number order and times to your computer. The race software incorporates this data identically into its processing and display formats.

You see exactly the same thing no matter what finish line you use.

Transponder for SuperTrack

The Transponder will Fit
ANY Track?

Yes. The TRW for flat-bottom tracks,

and The TRB for BestTrack

Transponder for Microwizard Freedom Track


Dimensions HWD: 2"x1.5"x1"

Battery: 4LR44  6Volt Battery sold separately.

Specify track length, computer postion when ordering so we can make custom cable.

Computer signal: Serial 9600-8-1-None

Compatible with GrandPrix, DerbyMaster

Resolution: .0001 seconds


Price: $130 plus $40 per lane.
Example: 4 Lane Transponder: $290.00

Batteries: $3 each

Ceramic GU-10 socket: $5.00