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High Performance, Affordable Accessories
for Pinewood Derby, Hot Wheels, BluTrack, Soapbox Derby, and other racing formats.


The History of The Judge:

We have made changes over the years to keep up with available improvements in technology.

Classic  The first Judge design, 1992 to 1995.  All metal construction.  Circuitry is common high speed CMOS logic gates and flip-flops.  Speed of response and ability to split hairs is measured in nanoseconds, actually superior to microprocessor based later versions.  Computer Option or ET upgrades not available.

M Series  
v1.9.6  First microprocessor version, 1995 to 1997, predating any derby software programs.  Computer reports of time and finishing order have 2 to 3 seconds delay.  All later versions instantaneous.  Choice of Push Button Reset or Auto Reset made at time of order. RaceView software enters the market.

P Series
  1998.   Very brief production had firmware flaw, which was immediately corrected to become the Q Series.  2 and 3 lane Computer Option equipped units not compatible with RaceView, but compatible with DerbyMaster and Grand Prix.  4 lanes and higher OK with all software.  Push Button Reset option allows both auto reset mode and manual mode on this and all later versions. DerbyMaster software enters market.

Q Series
  v2.01  1998 to 2001.   No known firmware flaws, but microprocessor requires at least 4.1 volts for proper operation (batteries reasonably fresh). Photo Finish Option introduced.

F Series
  2002 to 2004.  New flash microprocessor works down to 3 volts (batteries completely exhausted). User adjustable display time introduced. Sunlight Max outdoor sensing introduced. GrandPrix software enters market.

G Series 
 Introduced late 2004.  Electronically identical to F Series, but circuit boards were redesigned to fit new slimmer enclosure.

J Series
  v2.04  The current production version, introduced in October, 2007. A new higher reliability microprocessor offered all the features and advantages of the F and G series, plus new firmware to indicate race timing cycle status when using Computer Option.

   v2.04  Introduced December 2012. Extreme cost savings for groups that project race results. Electronically identical to J Series Judge. Your big screen becomes the display for the Transponder. When race results are projected, nobody in your audience looks at the finish line. So why spend a lot of money on it?


How to tell your Judge Model

Line it up with the photo, and look at the computer power-up message to see the firmware (Judge operating system) version.


The Classic:

Where it all started

The M, P, Q and F Series look the same on the outside.

In 2004, the electronics were placed in a smaller, more attractive enclosure, which became the
G Series.

Electronically, the G Series is identical to the F Series.

In 2007, a change was made in the firmware to display the timer status, and became the J Series, currently in production.

The G and the J Series look the same on the outside.

New: The Transponder

The thinking man's finish line for cost-concious groups.

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