Installation of the GLM Remote Start Gate Activator

Before your begin, read and understand all instructions. Call if there are any questions: 703-319-0840

Step 1. Working with the track upside down, attach the GLM to the bottom of the right-most track lane. Peel off the wax paper from the attachment tape, and press in place up against the gate.

Step 2. Replace the original start lever with the one supplied, and adjust the nylon-filled nut to allow free rotation.

Step3. With the lever in the position shown, bend the brass pull rod at 90 degrees and thread it through the small hole in the lever. Make your bend in the plane of the piston's slot.

Step 4. Using a small clamp or other means, temporarily restrain the peg bar in the closed position.

Step 5. Turn the track right side up. Grasp the brass pull rod with a needle nosed pliers and proceed to pull it through the hole, using a rolling motion and forming a rounded hook. Snip off excess rod as you proceed.

Step 6. Test your progress after each adjustment by pressing the piston firmly back into the solenoid. Avoid over-shortening the rod.


Step 7. The proper adjustment is achieved when the gap between the lever and the peg bar is about 1/8" when the piston is pressed all the way into the solenoid.

Step 8. Remove the peg bar restraint, plug in the power supply and triggering device (light tree, push button, or SCI) and test.

Step 9. Lightly lubricate the axle bolt and the contact points of the lever and peg bar. Lithium grease is great. You might consider removing one of the gate springs for a softer action.