We make a special timer for the DerbyMagic Track.

The plastic track from Derby Magic is smooth and fast. If you want a light weight, expandable track, this might be the one for you.

It also has a surprise feature. While it is designed as a straddle-guided Pinewood track, it can be flipped over, and used as a........are you ready for this? It makes a great Hot Wheels track! Wow!

Quite an unusual track. So our Judge is a bit unusual also. This is how it works.

First, prepare your Derby Magic track by cutting a notch in each side. This is pretty simple, using only a utility knife. You cut the round tubes off both outside lanes for a distance of exactly 3.50", and centered on the finish line.

You then drill a .300" diameter hole in the exact center of each lane on the finish line. Here is what a 2 lane track looks like.

The DerbyMagic Judge

The Judge for the Derby Magic track is made in one piece to fit the track exactly and install with no tools. The illuminators are built into the base, and are powered through the metal side panels. No illuminator cable!

Tell us how much clearance you want for the cars. This one is especially tall, giving a clearance of 5.5 inches for racing trucks.

Slide the track through, and press it down. Done!

It fits just like a jigsaw puzzle!

See how fast YOU can do it. The current record is 2.67 seconds.

We make them for any number of lanes, from 2 through 8, and in any height from 3.5 to 5.5 inches